“ The reality of your lives as you express your hearts desires, your dreams, your visions that you have been working on will take on a shift, a change in energy to come and that is because those of you and many others that follow these teachings have created a new platform of perception for yourself. You have now moved up from the limitations of the land(base chakra), you have moved up from the limitations of the mind, and the restrictions of your emotional fields(sacral chakra), you have actually placed yourself into a grander understanding of the self (solar plexus) and you did so by acknowledging love(heart chakra), and through that love you realised your power, your strength and your will(throat chakra) and through that you have visualised and seen for yourself a different perception and reality(third eye) to that which you previously had and I am now here to tell you that by embracing all of that which is the chakras I have taken you through from the base to the third eye you will come to embrace your crown energy as a platform of possibilities, there is no other way to put that.”

 Ascended Master Kuthumi.

At The Heart of our Vision lies the core of our love. Yehoshua ben Yosef (Master Jesus) said there are many pathways but only ONE Way – the way of the heart which opens up the pathway to enlightenment requiring your eye to be single as your bodies are filled with Light. Therefore if your heart and vision are centred on the path of your own divinity and the pathway of Oneness, Love, Light and Enlightenment, Ascension if surely yours achieved through practice and experienced through journeying the evolving pathways of the heart and steadfast focused vision.

At Vision of the Heart it is our focus and intent to share what we have learnt about the journey of the evolving Hu-man, The Way of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings that lead us to and through the doorway of The Higher Heart holding steadfast onto our vision, executing our unwavering faith and claiming our own divinity, never doubting our connection to All That Is. Believe me we by no means claim to know it all, little in fact, yet when it comes to life and its games, although we may not have mastered them all, boy we certainly are playing the game! Learning through it and realising it is a never-ending experience that escorts us beyond this world, embracing the next.

Through systems of light; using the senses of sight (colour), sound (music), Touch (massage), Taste & Smell (visualisation & manifestation) along with the higher senses unlocked through the 6th, our extensive and ever increasing knowledge and research of the chakric system, Tree of Life and other modalities together with our continuous endeavour to master and conduct The Cosmic Laws we create a platform in support of anchoring Heaven on Earth ushering in the promise of a time when all will meet their highest potential and unlimited possibilities, for the Greater Good of All.

We would like to, if we may, invite you to journey through our world….and together with our helpers from above bring you to the awakening awareness of discovering what you have always waited for – your promised land, your undying ever evolving divine, magical, mystical, multidimensional SELF.

How to use this site:
This site has been designed as a platform for the teachings channeled by Chanel that have come through various Ascended Masters, overseen by Master Kuthumi, whereby the sincere seeker who has decided to take the road less traveled can systematically work through the processes of Self with the eventual aim of creating a different perception of their reality opening up and clearing that which limits discovering their own divinity. It is a work in progress and by starting from the beginning and working through each series, and eventually working with the new material being delivered as time goes by, the process will allow the transcending of the old embracing the new, until eventually we may welcome a time promised where we can meet our own highest potential fulfilling our roles as co-creators to this part of our Fathers Universe.

By clicking on the ‘Channellings’ image button on the home page you will find all the past transcripts in order that they were and are to be presented by the various Ascended Masters. If you are new to this site we recommend you start with the ‘The Changing times of the white Flame’, the base chakra level one to be found in the ‘Journey of the Chakric series’ link. Then work through the whole series of the 13 chakric system and continue as it unfolds. (see subscription notification below)

Chanel also offers readings via skype or in person, with guidance from her Higher Self, her Guides and the Ascended Masters, to assist you in identifying where your blockages are how ‘YOU’ may come to heal and put them to bed, so as to move forward and embrace the lighter, higher aspects of your authentic self. She uses amongst other the medium of colour by which she identifies your Ray of Incarnation, your life lesson colour as well as supporting colours. Please click on the ‘Readings’ image button on the home page for more information.

Healing, Treatments & MassageChanel has been a practicing healer for many years and therefore if you are able to meet her in person at our home in Zwazulu Natal, South Africa, offers a wide range of intense healings, treatments, massage and pamperings (with a personal twist), please click on the respective image buttons on the home page for more information.

We offer regular interactive workshops covering a broad spectrum, from personal evolvement to corporate upliftment.

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