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Readings for Personal Empowerment.

I must stress the readings (or personality overview) that I offer is purely to gain insight into the life perspective in question for the sole purpose of personal empowerment and by no means anything spooky or futuristic. I have studied colour and energy for many years and this work is the cherry on an ongoing process of discovery.

The information is invaluable for anyone, child/parent/peer/self.

The readings are based on a combination of psychic & metaphysical tools which academic & scientific research combining complimentary studies with a spiritual twist which is truly informative. Your energy vibration in colour reveals the most prominent/least reflected colours explaining the metaphysics, physiology and psychology behind these findings which discloses personality life-lessons. I brief on your major and supporting Rays of Incarnation and how it can best serve the person/child in question. We take an intense review of your chakras revealing which are dominant/suffocating and how to best balance these. This concludes with the life lesson according to the date of birth.

This is done with the greatest integrity and permission from the Higher Self of all souls involved. If permission is not pre-granted I am afraid the session won’t be possible. When it comes to children many parents / peers are quite beside themselves trying to understand the young no matter the age. Although using the same format in all my readings when working with children I prefer to look at this as an analysis, or appraisal for guidance serving all concerned for a “greater good outcome”.

To book a session:

Please email me the names of the child / person in question to have permission granted before going ahead.

Email :

Requirements from you once permission is granted and payment confirmed:
Child’s details (full name, date of birth, where possible time and place of birth) and if possible a short paragraph of your perspective on the child/person/self or questions you may have. Understandably in the case of the very young and newly born this is not always possible.

Energy exchange:

South African Residents : R350.00 (via local EFT/bank deposit)

International payments : USD$65.00. Please Click on the payment button below

The reading is recorded and once done is available immediatly via a safe, easy and secure download link sent to you via email.The session is usually about 1hr20min long; if longer I record it on 2 files for you to burn the download on two separate CD’s for easy listening.

CD options;
A CD of the recording may be posted on request.
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Channelled Skype Readings

These readings serve as a one-on-one platform connecting you to the energy of the channelling Master. A specific Master may be requested (if possible), or an open platform may be chosen according to your Higher Self.

To book a session:

Please email me your full name to have permission granted before going ahead. Once I reply with confirmation the payment can be made by clicking on the button below. When confirmation of payment is received the reading will be scheduled.


Energy Exchange:

South African Residents : R500.00 (via local EFT/bank deposit)

International payments : USD$95.00. Please Click on the payment button below.

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