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Ascention Meditations, Activations and InitiationsWelcome to the Channellings Site, a portal into the mystical and enlightened dimensions of the Ascended Masters, all overseen by our beloved Lord Kuthumi, and more recently the Oracles of Delphi.
The Transcripts follow the format as they were given in the Archives (see at the top of this page)) and are updated as they are received. For easy reference we have also consolidated the various series’ as Master Kuthumi has given it so that you know what you are working with and through, see ‘Journey of the Chakra’s Series’ . We recommend anyone new to the spiritual path to begin with the ‘The Changing times of the white flame’ transcript as that is the base chakra level 1. Should you wish to experience the initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.
To acquire the benefits of any spiritual path a discipline must be followed. By discipline we don’t mean rules, ‘do’s and don’ts’, we mean a path to follow, and as with all mystery schools of old the initiate first had to enter the temple as a neophyte, a beginner, an apprentice with the objective of it being pointless introducing the newcomer to higher worlds when he/she is not familiar with their current, being their life in general. The journey of mastery denotes starting at the beginning, the basics, unravelling the ‘obstacles’ (many stuck hence repeated issues, fears, insecurities, false beliefs and indoctrinations) which need to be sieved and released from the unconscious and subconscious thus brought ‘into the light’ so that this may be healed thus transformed from limitations into strengths allowing the unenlightened or ‘shadow’ aspects of self to become lighter thus enlightened thereby he/she works their way up their personal ladder of consciousness, installing, activating and actualizing each level as his/her consciousness expands ascending up their tree of life, revealing their divine blueprint preparing for their own ascension.
Therefore we present these teachings as they were given for this reflects the action behind their purpose if one follows them as such. This we can vouch for as we are walking the path like everyone else, facing our issues, our fears, our insecurities, our questioning beliefs and dead-set, sometimes unreal, indoctrinations. Boy, it’s not easy at times, but what we can say for sure is that the benefits, once one begins to climb this ethereal staircase, are just awesome, truly out of this world!!
The pathway of awakening to your own divineness and sacredness, the freedom acquired as the mind and self expands, the love revealed as the heart awakens, the contentment experienced as you learn to remain focused on that to which you spiritually aspire, and the bliss you feel knowing that you are on the right path, are beyond anything words can express.
May these teachings benefit all as they have benefitted us.

Love & Light,

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